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Providing Growth and Healing With Child & Adolescent Therapy 

Our youth deal with much more in today’s world than we may fully realize. Just like adults, children and teenagers need help in navigating the unpredictable currents of life and these unique challenges sometimes require extra support. At Tides Mental Health, we’re here to guide your children and teenagers toward a sense of harmony and understanding.

In our dedicated therapy sessions for children and teens, we create a safe and supportive haven where every young family member feels genuinely heard and validated. Whether you’re dealing with behavioral issues in your children, complexities within blended families, or other youth-related stressors, our therapeutic interventions aim to equip your children and teenagers with the essential tools to navigate life’s challenges, sparking lasting positive transformations.

Child & Adolescent Therapy in Chicago
What to Expect

Tides Mental Health’s child and adolescent therapy sessions are tailored to help your child or teen navigate challenges in their lives, whether these are social challenges, building self-esteem, or navigating mental health issues. Through improved communication, empathy, and understanding, our dedicated therapists can guide your child or teen in growing into a mentally healthy adult.

Improving Social Engagement

Building strong social skills is like creating a sturdy bridge to meaningful connections with friends and family. Our dedicated therapists are here to help children and teens to improve their communication abilities. Together, we’ll develop the tools and techniques needed to have open and positive conversations that resolve conflicts and foster better understanding among peers and family members.

Mitigating Family Conflicts

It’s normal for families to face conflicts from time to time. Our aim is to support your family by offering effective strategies and helpful tools to navigate these situations in a positive way. We believe that through these challenges, your child or teen can discover opportunities for growth and strengthen connections with other family members, building deeper understanding and harmony along the way.

Relationship Building

Our child and adolescent therapy sessions aim to reinforce the social and emotional bonds that your child or teen is attempting to discover and forge. Often, when kids are struggling with situations in their daily lives, it can be difficult to establish or build healthy relationships. At Tides Mental Health, we provide a safe space for kids to express their feelings, fostering emotional closeness and mutual understanding.

Addressing Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues, especially in children and teenagers, can be disruptive to the family dynamic. Our therapists can help address these issues, exploring their root causes and providing strategies for management.

Solving Child and Adolescent Behavioral Issues

Sometimes, our children’s behavior can be a bit like solving a 5000-piece puzzle. It takes time – and patience. Our therapists are here to help you understand why certain behaviors happen and to find ways to manage them better. We’ll work together to explore the reasons behind these behaviors and provide you with strategies to make things smoother at home, ensuring a more harmonious family dynamic.

Coping With Major Life Transitions

Life can sometimes throw unexpected changes our way, like when families go through a divorce, move to a new place, or experience the loss of a loved one. These times can be tough. Our child and adolescent therapists are here to help you and your child or teen navigate these challenges in a healthy way. We’ll provide the support and tools you need to adapt to these changes, grow stronger as a family, and find your way forward during these challenging times.

Addressing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Concerns

Therapy can be like a beacon lighting the path to greater mental health. Our therapists are here to help kids and teenagers understand what’s going on, whether it’s feeling anxious, sad, or overwhelmed. We’ll work together to explore how these feelings affect your child, and we’ll figure out the best ways to help them cope with life’s challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What issues can child and adolescent therapy address?

Child and adolescent therapy sessions are designed to help with various challenges that young people face. These challenges can include difficulties relating to peers, conflicts within the family, major life changes, behavior problems in kids or teenagers, and mental health issues that affect the whole family.

Who needs to attend child or adolescent therapy sessions?

Depending on the age of your child or teen, you may need to be present during some therapy sessions. The family members who come to therapy sessions may change depending on what we’re trying to work on. Your child’s therapist will talk with you to figure out the best path forward.

How long does a child or adolescent therapy session typically last?

Typically, child and adolescent therapy sessions last about 60 minutes, but the length can vary depending on your child’s needs and treatment plan.

Does Tides Mental Health accept insurance for children’s therapy?

Yes, Tides Mental Health accepts a range of insurance plans from major providers in the Chicago area. Please contact us for specifics regarding your coverage.

How often should we attend children or teen therapy sessions?

How often we have therapy sessions can change, and it depends on what your child needs and what goals you have. Your therapist will suggest how often to meet, and usually, we meet once a week.

How can we schedule a child or teen therapy session?

To schedule a therapy session for your child at Tides Mental Health, begin by arranging a 15-minute phone consultation using our user-friendly scheduling system. This allows us to better assess your needs and help match you with the right provider. For further guidance, please directly reach out to our clinic.

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