Sarah Haskins


Introducing Sarah Haskins, a compassionate and dedicated therapist ready to support you on your journey to meaningful change and healing. Whether you’re coping with grief or navigating life’s transitions, Sarah offers more than just a listening ear—she provides practical tools to facilitate profound transformation.

Sarah is passionate about working with:

  • Individuals coping with enduring grief and loss
  • Those seeking to break free from negative self-perceptions and behaviors
  • Individuals navigating life transitions (e.g., parenthood, attending college, or changes in relationship status)
  • Couples striving to overcome relationship challenges

When working with Sarah, you can expect a safe and accepting environment where you can truly be yourself. She integrates mindfulness and coping skills into her therapy, especially when addressing grief, helping you build a new narrative to move through your healing process. Together, you’ll navigate challenges, harness them as sources of strength, and use that strength to become more resilient.

Sarah holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Chicago State University.  Embark on your journey to healing and resilience with Sarah Haskins, and discover the transformative power of therapy.