Loretta Echols


Loretta Echols, a seasoned mental health professional with over 19 years of experience, is dedicated to guiding you towards a happier and more fulfilling life. Her journey in the field began after earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from the University of St. Francis.  In community mental health and foster care systems, Loretta has passionately provided therapy to adults, adolescents, couples, groups, and families. Her expertise includes successfully managing a caseload of over 100 families as a DCFS investigator and Case Worker for five years.

Loretta’s deep understanding of life’s challenges allows her to develop strategies to address maladaptive behaviors and fears that hinder mental health and personal growth. She believes in your strength to seek help, viewing it as a powerful step towards self-care in times of sadness, fear, anxiety, or despair.  

Loretta offers non-judgmental, client-centered, and solution-focused therapy in a safe and nurturing environment. She empowers you to be the catalyst for change, boosting self-esteem, and helping you achieve your goals. Her approach is straightforward: she meets you where you are in your journey, fostering a genuine therapeutic alliance that reduces stress as you expand your support system.

Let Loretta Echols be your partner in achieving a healthier, happier life. Your well-being is her top priority.